Skrmiish: Rockstar of the week

Make your play.

" Skrmiish is the world’s first app that allows streamers, gamers, teams and brands of all levels to create, collaborate and monetize."

There is a lack of competitive gaming opportunities that stimulate engagement and revenue for the casual gamer or streamer - the vast majority of the market. This space is currently exclusively occupied by the pros and 'million-dollar' streamers.


Technology that will explode the competitive gaming experience across all levels of the industry, enabling collaboration and co-operation across online communities while generating multiple new revenue streams.

Target Market

Targeting the global $175B gaming market, and more specifically the exponentially growing +250B unique matches played across numerous game titles every year, Skrmiish

proprietary technology is built for streamers of all sizes, online gamers, teams and brands.

Ask Explained

Skrmiish is seeking to fill its Seed Capital allocation providing growth capital to increase scalability by integrating additional game titles, switch on revenue mechanics and build into a Series A funding round in Q4 2021. Various valuation methodologies post-revenue provide an indicative valuation of between £35m to £40m. 5% new equity available.


Chris Heaton

Founder & Managing Director

Founding partner with +20 years experience of building big business in the advertising, sponsorship and e-commerce industries.

Roland Reed

Founder & Head of Product

+10 years worth of experience in gaming and esports, Roland heads up the product team & drives feature innovation and revenue streams.

Luke Grob

CEO of Global Operations

Luke has launched and scaled multiple Green-Field ventures, including being part of HelloFresh UK’s founding team, which is now a $10bn business.

William Bierman

Chief Financial Officer

William has 20+ years experience in Public Practice, 16 as a partner/director of a firm of Chartered Accountants and Registered Auditors.

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