Rockstar Venture: Skrmiish

Updated: Feb 28

The world's first app that allows streamers, gamers, communities and brands of all levels to create, collaborate, compete and monetize their experience on the blockchain

Skmiish performance 30 weeks after live events.

Skrmiish is an app-driven platform that syncs with leading game titles, activating fun, competitive play for every kind of gamer. Our vision is to make it possible for any gamer, anywhere, to make money from the games they love to play. For streamers, it's a way to spark engagement with their viewers, improve the quality and competitive edge of their content and switch on new revenue streams. For players, it's a way to compete on their own terms, choose their stakes and play with the streamers they love watching.

Online gaming & esports continues to be a fast-developing and growing segment of the gaming industry with leading game titles like Fortnite, League of Legends, CS-GO, etc seeing exponential usage during the COVID pandemic. With over 2.7bn video gamers worldwide, the global community is monetized by game manufacturers, game designers, professional players, inuencers, advertisers and tournament organizers. But, the online competitive gaming economy is still in its infancy. Massive streaming services like Twitch, YouTube Gaming and Facebook Gaming dwarf overall viewing hours of traditional media. The gaming industry is expected to reach $218bn in revenue by 2023 and esports betting over $32bn in 2020.

The Skrmiish CoinMode payments platform is specifically developed for the gaming industry. Using advanced technology to create modes of gameplay-reward and monetization for tournaments and streaming. This payment system enables real-time high frequency with low latency and has been built on Layer 2 Cryptocurrency running over the Bitcoin Blockchain. Users over the age of 18 will be able to activate a wallet and purchase the stable Skrmiish Coin which is linked to the USD for real world cash matches.

Go check them out on Merge to find out more and to see if you would like to invest in this Rockstar

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