Rockstar Venture: FAROSIAN

Africa’s leading information technology company specializing in social and digital media; screening, policy design, and literacy training.

Whether we like it or not, social and digital media is here to stay, and it serves you to have all the facts.

Generation Z, which are people born between 1995 and 2000, equate to about 2.5 billion individuals in 2020. 98% of these digital natives own a smartphone and at-least half of them spend 10 or more hours per day looking at a screen. Gen Z have literally got their entire lives documented online, and they already make up 25% of the workforce globally – which is accelerating the integration of digital tools into the work environment.

Active social media users are projected to be 4.41 billion by the year 2025, so to assume that our personal digital lives have little relation to our professional lives would be naïve to say the least.

Combining artificial and emotional intelligence, Farosian analyses 2 498 social and digital data points using highly-qualified human insight to reveal the true person behind the data. This provides unparalleled insight in our digital age. The benefits of this information has unimaginable uses in the recruitment, HR, credit and insurance industries.

Farosian provides its partners with a unique advantage with insightful and usable social and digital data to make better informed decisions. Farosian provides contextually comprehensive social media screening and audit reports for their clients, as well as the information and insight to better understand the maze of complexities present in the social media-driven world we all live in.

Additionally, their highly-qualified and dedicated team construct detailed and tailored policy design and training principles to help businesses navigate the in’s and out’s of social and digital media in a proactive manner. With years of experience, Anthropology Degrees and a passionate curiosity for social awareness and risk, Farosian brings emotional intelligence to an area of algorithms, noughts and ones.

Farosian works with channel partners in 24 countries globally to deliver digital media reports to clients. Processing over a million data points daily, Farosian is truly where anthropology and technology collide. With social media screening only just becoming mainstream, we believe the growth potential in this industry is hugely overseen.

We are objective purveyors of the truth – as told by data but seen from a human perspective.

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