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Merge's 100 VCs.1-5

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

With the third Merge version of the platform being released Merge has developed the "campaign" feature which lists 100 of the top African focused venture capital firms for startup founders to apply to. Check out numbers1-5 below!

1. Ingressive Capital

Lagos, Nigeria

Ingressive target 10% ownership in Pre-Seed to Seed tech-enabled companies based in Sub-Saharan Africa with typical check sizes of up to $400k.

They provide follow-on funding with our own investor base, who run some of the leading funds in the world. They look for post-launch founders with a great product, solving a big problem, and work with them on ways to grow and scale through business development, partnerships and financial support. Ingressive Capital invests in brilliant, resourceful founders with demonstrated grit building tech-enabled businesses in billion dollar markets.

Previous investments include:

Paystack, Bamboo, 54Gene and More...

2. Samurai Incubate

Tokyo, Japan

Samurai Incubate invests in early-stage start-ups and provides support in management, marketing, sales and HR.

Samurai Incubate Inc. launched to support early-stage start-ups in the areas of management, marketing, sales, human resources, and finances. Our company invests in start-up ventures, and we also hold advisory posts and serve as external directors of some venture companies.

Previous investments include:

Evolve Credit, Complete Farmer, Wallets Africa and More...

3. Platform Capital

Lagos, Nigeria

Platform Capital is a growth markets focused, sector agnostic, principal investment and advisory firm. Platform deploys patient, value accretive capital alongside international and local value investors to create champion businesses with the potential for regional or global scale.

They provide long-term capital to our investee companies, and work with them to achieve their goals. They believe long-term capital offers stability to the business, and allows the entrepreneur to focus on delivering the vision.

Previous investments include:

Koniku, LipaLater, Saferoom and More...

4. Ventures Platform

Lagos, Nigeria

They are a leading source of capital, capacity building, support, and advocacy for under-served entrepreneurs, communities and institutions, enabling them to enhance the creation of wealth and development in Africa.

Ventures Platform Fund backs hungry and visionary founders with a deep-rooted desire to win; solving some of the hardest problems across Africa. VP Fund invests early in mission-driven founders that are building capital-efficient platforms that democratize prosperity, plug infrastructural gaps, connect underrepresented communities, create efficiencies, solve for non-consumption, and improve livelihoods.

Previous investments include:

Paystack, CrowdForce, Send and More...

5. Aptive Capital

Texas, USA

Aptive Capital is a Global Innovation Network with Office in the US and representation in Africa. They invest in founders who are passionate about challenging the status quo and effecting positive change.

Aptive Capital invests in the development, rigorous testing, and scaling of innovations targeted at improving the lives of the world’s poorest people. We believe that the best ideas for solving some of the world’s most critical problems can come from anyone, anywhere. Through our grants and risk capital, we help breakthrough solutions to global development challenges from for-profit firms, non-profit organizations, researchers, and government agencies to maximize their impact and affect meaningful change.

Previous investments include:

Slabdeck, One kiosk, Rabawa and More...


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