Merge raises $350 000 for Kenyan Fintech startup Ubawa

Updated: Feb 1

Kenyan payment gateway and Startup on the Year 2021 Ubawa have raised $350 000 in seed capital from Nigerian based Platform Capital through the South African startup Merge.


About Merge

Merge is Africa's go-to platform for startups looking to raise capital from investors locally and globally. Join now if you are an exciting startup that is looking to disrupt your industry or if you are an investor looking to find innovative opportunities.

With just 10 days into the start of 2022 Merge has already closed its first deal through Kenyan Startup of the Year Ubawa receiving $350 000 from Lagos based VC Platform Capital. Through this and with other deals in the pipeline, Merge has set itself up to become a force to be reckoned with in 2022 and beyond.

About Ubawa Technologies

Ubawa Technologies’s enable businesses to create a better shopping experience for their customers. They do this through their flagship payment processing platform PAYCLOUD™️ where businesses accept payments via conversational AI across various social media channels and aggregate their inventory in one single dashboard.

Ubawa have an in-house team of experts who have developed systems that offer added value to their clients by providing cognitive data analytics, discovery services through their in-house Software & Infrastructure Solutions. They commercialise all customer engagement channels, enable payments through mobile money and e-commerce and providing intuitive dashboards.

The business enable their clients to extend simple, agile customer engagement solutions. They implement the channels that engage customers, such as SMS, USSD, web, apps and social media. Ubawa integrate these channels to Ubawa Technologies platforms to provide customers with easy ways to make payments to their service providers/merchants. Ubawa also integrate Ubawa payments gateway with their clients’ systems for automated updating of customer records, acknowledgement of payments and automate payment validation and reconciliation.

About Platform Capital

We are a leading provider of investment and advisory services to businesses globally. Keep the number of investments we have made.

Platform Capital is a growth markets focused, sector agnostic, principal investment, and advisory firm. Platform Capital deploys patient, value accretive capital alongside international and local value investors to create champion businesses with the potential for regional or global scale.


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